Tasting Room

We are open with bottles for sale and draft pours
Saturday 12-4
Sunday 12-4

We are still here, still going, which in these COVID times seems something to be grateful for. We’ve made it for 36 years, and we want to make it at least 36 more.

We were bottling our last batches of cider on Catamount Hill as the world shut down around us. Getting through the months since, keeping healthy and safe, keeping the lights on, was a challenge for us, as it was for everyone.

Nature does not stop for a pandemic: the trees still needed to be pried, the orchard mowed, our hiking trails at Peckville cleared so people could recreate outside—all that was a gift. As was the community of you who came to Peckville to enjoy our cider outdoors, picnic, stare at Mt. Monadnock, walk the woods, be very much a community, even at a six-foot distance.

We toast us all; we will get through this.

—Field Maloney, 12/12/20

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